Wednesday 25 February 2015

Fred. Olsen Cruise Offers...

Norwegian heritage, Norwegian officers and smaller ships mean we can show you Norway like no one else.
Famously managed by a Norwegian family and with Norwegian officers on board our ships, at Fred. Olsen we make full use of this knowledge and expertise, ensuring our Norway itineraries feature more scenic fjord cruising than ever before. 

Here’s a fabulous selection of our 2015 Norwegian Fjord cruises, taking you to the heart of some of the fjordland’s most magnificent scenery, past spectacular rock formations, along narrow waterways and past cascading waterfalls, so close you can almost feel the spray.
As part of our Cruise Sale, these tempting sailings
already include a 10% saving
Mountains & Majestic Fjords
2nd May 2015 • 7 nights
Braemar • Harwich • M1512
Cruise from £675pp​*
SAVE £74pp
Scenic Railway & Stunning Fjords
3rd May 2015 • 8 nights
Balmoral • Southampton • L1502
Cruise from £801pp​*
SAVE £88pp
Mountains, Waterfalls & Fjords
9th May 2015 • 7 nights
Boudicca • Dover • D1510
Cruise from £720pp​*
SAVE £79pp
Scenic Fjords & Celebrations
11th May 2015 • 11 nights
Black Watch • Liverpool • W1506
Oceans view from £1,359pp​*
SAVE £150pp
Fjords of Norway
23rd May 2015 • 7 nights
Braemar • Dover • M1514
Cruise from £720pp​*
SAVE £79pp
Lands of the Vikings
1st June 2015 • 7 nights
Boudicca • Rosyth • D1512
Oceans view from £882pp​*
SAVE £97pp
Fjords, Mountains & Glaciers
3rd July 2015 • 8 nights
Balmoral • Southampton • L1509
Cruise from £855pp​*
SAVE £94pp
Fred.'s Favourite Fjords
11th July 2015 • 7 nights
Braemar • Dover • M1520
Cruise from £720pp​*
SAVE £79pp
Cruising the Fjordland
23rd July 2015 • 9 nights
Black Watch • Liverpool • W1512
Oceans view from £1,188pp​*
SAVE £131pp
Scenic Fjords & Waterfalls
25th July 2015 • 8 nights
Balmoral • Southampton • L1511
Cruise from £900pp​*
SAVE £99pp
Glaciers, Fjords & Waterfalls
26th July 2015 • 7 nights
Boudicca • Newcastle • D1517
Oceans view from £1,197pp​*
SAVE £132pp
Waterfalls, Fjords & Glaciers
21st August 2015 • 8 nights
Balmoral • Southampton • L1514
Cruise from £900pp​*
SAVE £99pp
Prices include 10% Cruise Sale discount, are correct at the time of email launch,
but may change at any time. Call for the latest prices.
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