Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Titans' New "Essential Collection". More than just Holidays, these are Excursion Packed Adventures!

We had 5 new brochures arrive in the office yesterday. One, from Titan, is called the "Essential Collection". It's a range of shorter duration holidays, but with all the highlights!

My photo, right, shows a great example, flying from the UK. It's called "Essential Vietnam & Cambodia, and is a tour of, er... Vietnam and Cambodia!

(In fact, this tour has no less that 13 excursions and visits included in the 14 days between leaving and returning to the UK.)

Vietnam and Cambodia are countries well worth visiting, (and I say that having toured both recently.) You'll love Saigon and Siem Reap. Be knocked-out by the splendour of Angkor Wat - I know I was!

There are many other fascinating holidays in this brochure, which give similar innovative holiday experiences - in Europe, South Africa, Canada, USA, China, and the Far East. These are adventures, not just holidays!

Ask me about YOUR preferred destination and I'll check it out and pass on all the info.

Holiday offers are published in good faith and are correct at the time of publishing. Please note that these are subject to change, and can be withdrawn at any time by the promoter.

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