Friday, 28 October 2016

10 Good Reasons why you might want to consider a Fly Cruise

Princess Cruises sent us a list of 10 Good Reasons why you might want to consider a Fly Cruise instead of a land based holiday. We've reproduced it below, and think there are some really good points made. Let us know if you're thinking of booking a cruise... 

Why you should choose a fly cruise over a land based holiday?

1. Discover many bucket list destinations in one holiday and only unpack once 

2. No need to research train, flight and ferry schedules, check in and out of different hotels or lug suitcases between destinations

3. Combine a cruise with a hotel stay and explore a different iconic city both before and after their cruise

4. Peace of mind knowing everything is arranged for you

5. Night nursery services, and free kids clubs for 3-17 year olds onboard

6. Explore the Mediterranean and Europe and then return to a home from home every evening

7. Benefit from the best of both worlds – time to relax at sea, AND time to explore ashore

8. More facilities and variety of entertainment onboard than in a land-based resort

9. Better value for money than a resort holiday

10. Travellers nervous of local customs, concerned about language barriers, and visiting unfamiliar destinations can still enjoy exotic places as a cruise offers a safe and secure environment from which to explore

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