Monday, 3 October 2016

5 Reasons why a River Cruise could be just right for You!

Have you considered enjoying a leisurely River Cruise? Here are 5 reasons why maybe you should!

• Scenic voyages - No days looking out over empty oceans
Cruising the rivers of Europe is a pleasant experience, meandering through attractive countryside, and encountering charming towns and villages along the way.

• A more intimate experience
The compact nature of River Cruise boats means that you're never far away from a lounge, restaurant, bar, other onboard facilities, and of course your cabin! You won't get lost on a River Cruise boat!

• Travelling at a gentle pace
Forget your cares and worries, and let the world go by at a relaxing pace.

• A choice of dates for many cruises
If you can't make the trip one month, don't worry, there are usually other dates to select from. Pick a time that's convenient for you to travel!

• Little risk of being seasick
You won't sail though heavy swells, or encounter giant waves on a river cruise. In fact your whole sailing experience should be smooth from the moment you board to the day you disembark.

At Holiday Trails we have a wide variety of River Cruises to offer, and from a number of specialists - not just in Europe, but Asia too. Let us know when and where you'd like to travel, and we'll let you know the options.

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